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G-COBO has a bumpy flight 21st December
Car plane air crash caused airport fireball 1st November
The first lighthouses were built on the Casquets 30th October
A Trislander ate itself between Jersey and Guernsey 11th October
An Islander aircraft crashed in Guernsey 18th September
Guernsey to Jersey plane crashed into the sea 31st July
Val des Terres was first opened for traffic 24th July
G-JOEY completes his last flight 28th June
Guernsey welcomed its first steam ship 10th June
Guernsey Railway company ceased operations 9th June
The States of Guernsey bought Aurigny 15th May
Guernsey Airport opened for business 5th May
“Twink” goes missing on its way to Guernsey 3rd May
Guernsey passengers stage a ferry sit-in 28th April
Hydrofoil Condor 1 completed its final sea trials 26th April
Aurigny pilot Ray Bowyer spots a UFO near Alderney 23rd April
Guernsey Airport’s new terminal opened for business 19th April
A plane hit a car while landing at Guernsey Airport 12th April
Alderney residents lined the coast to watch Titanic pass 10th April
Condor Liberation enters service 27th March
Building work starts on Guernsey Airport 13th March
Guernsey emergency services prepare for a disaster 10th March
Isle of Guernsey delivered to its new owners 6th March
Dead man appointed to run Guernsey Airport 4th March
Guernsey Railway Company runs its first services 20th February
Aurigny Air Services founded 19th February
Blue Islands takes to the skies 14th February
Mail ship wrecked on Black Rock 1st February
The States of Guernsey proposes a new airport 30th January
Guernsey passengers are battered by storms 26th January
Guernsey Steam Tramway stops running 22nd January
Channel Express Airways plane crashes in Guernsey 12th January
Work begins on the Val des Terres 8th January