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Guernsey Police makes the world’s first underwater arrest 31st December
The court considered a Guernsey porn dealer’s testimony 11th November
The papers were excited by a Guernsey execution 6th November
Sark’s vineyards were vandalised 3rd November
A hospital worker stood accused of murder 2nd November
A man “disappeared” from a Guernsey ferry 28th October
Missing girl, Jetta, was found on Guernsey 16th September
Guernsey holidaymakers head home itching 14th September
Oliver Reed was jailed in Guernsey 27th August
A royal visit… of sorts 17th August
St Peter Port inundated with fish
Human remains were found on Lihou 7th August
Murderer sentenced to death in three hours 28th July
Guernsey court escapee was caught again 26th July
Murderer Peter Robin sentenced to death 13th July
Guernsey voted to legalise local abortions 13th June
First arrests were made at Guernsey Airport 5th June
“Overdose” verdict in Guernsey farmer’s death inquiry 31st May
Guernsey’s first paid constables were hired 28th May
Head of Guernsey CID is shot in St Peter Port 27th May
A mainland murder with a Guernsey connection 18th May
Murder suspects steal visitor’s boat from St Peter Port 30th April
Guernsey abolishes the death penalty for murder 29th April
Guernsey bigamist got married for the second time 22nd April
A French fisherman is arrested and escorted to St Peter Port 2nd April
Guernsey’s first female murderer goes on trial 1st April
Alderney arrest sparks a “riot” 22nd March
Guernsey’s island-wide police force is established 14th March
Guernsey’s entire police force is arrested 5th March
Guernsey’s last duel 13th February
Guernsey’s last execution didn’t go according to plan 10th February
Guernsey watchmaker helps Stone of Scone manhunt 6th February
Royal theft inquiry heads to Guernsey 11th January
A hotel porter goes on trial for murder 9th January