24th October 2013

Guernsey Monopoly board game went on sale

As of 24 October 2013, anyone could buy Castle Cornet, St Peter Port harbour or even Guernsey Airport – but only if they were playing Guernsey Monopoly. That was the day the localised edition of the renowned property-trading board game first went on sale.

The Guernsey variant was one of several regional editions to have been produced in the game’s long history. Other local versions include Sheffield, Carlisle and Hull.

Monopoly first went on sale in February 1935, but its history can be traced back even further – to the Landlord’s Game, developed by Elizabeth Magie in 1903.

Magie had devised it as an educational game that would teach players about the negative aspects of a monopoly developing within a market. No doubt any player who finds themselves constantly paying rent when they fall on occupied squares would be sympathetic to her aims.

Guernsey Monopoly

A number of familiar Guernsey landmarks appear around the local Monopoly board. For some reason, the Little Chapel, which is often acknowledged as the island’s most popular tourist destination, shares the lowest-value spot with the Old Quarter. It’s worth just 60 units of Monopoly currency.

At 400 units, Castle Cornet is the most expensive property, with Victor Hugo’s home on Guernsey, Hauteville House, second at 350. They occupy the positions taken by Mayfair and Park Lane on the mainland edition.

However, the game is, more specifically, a Bailiwick remake, which strays beyond Guernsey’s shores. Alderney lighthouse and railway (100 units and 200 units respectively) both make an appearance, as does the Seigneurie and Coupee on Sark. Belvoir Bay, worth 120 units and Shell Beach (220 units) represent Herm.

The game was produced by Winning Moves.


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