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Operation Hardtack targets the Channel Islands 28th December
The Red Cross saves Guernsey from starvation 27th December
Alderney’s evacuees return to their island 15th December
German forces confiscated Guernsey’s radios 18th November
GUNS founder Charles Machon died 26th October
Hitler ordered the Channel Islands’ fortification 20th October
Sark was the target of Operation Basalt 3rd October
Guernsey switched to Reichsmarks 2nd October
“Let em starve,” said Churchill 27th September
Occupation president Ambrose Sherwill died 25th September
Occupation resister Winifred Green was deported 21st September
The post-Occupation military government was disbanded 25th August
The RAF bombed Guernsey Airport 9th August
Albert Lamy appointed Guernsey Police Chief Officer 30th July
Guernsey Controlling Committee’s Sir John Leale died 22nd July
First Commando raid of the Second World War 8th July
Alderney is occupied by German forces 2nd July
Guernsey suffered its first and only air raid 28th June
First meeting of Guernsey’s Controlling Committee 25th June
Guernsey’s school children were evacuated 21st June
The Channel Islands were demilitarised 15th June
GUNS writer Joseph John Gillingham was deported 4th June
Occupation stories occupy the mainland papers 30th May
British papers reported Dame of Sark’s deportation 14th May
Guernsey was liberated from German occupation 9th May
Three Jewish women are deported from Guernsey 21st April
Battery Mirus was test fired for the first time 13th April
Enemy at the Door comes to the end of its run 29th March
Occupying forces mount a desperate raid on Granville 9th March
Guernsey’s entire police force is arrested 5th March
Death of occupation resister Marie Ozanne 25th February
Guernsey opens its wartime files 5th January